Today my childhood dog passed away. At the best of times, I have trouble putting my thoughts on paper, but I find myself at even more of a loss about what to say. I miss him, his cocky attitude, his inquisitive nature, but he was getting old. Just shy of 14 he had a tumour on his spinal cord which eventually lead to a complete loss of control in his nether regions. I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to photograph him out at the lake, where he could just sit and observe for hours.

Here’s a few of my favourites, I’ll miss you bud!

Angus Surveying

Sitting nice

On the prowl

Well it’s that time of year again, family christmas photos! My family proves near impossible, to get all in one place at the same time. So what do we do? A composition! I photograph each person separately, then combine everyone in Photoshop!

Heres a shot of my youngest brother from todays shoot.


Photo taken and uploaded with my Blackberry, as part of a photo a day project. Check back tomorrow!

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