Julia contacted me way back at the beginning of October for a portrait session outside, the catch being she wanted snow! Well we have snow by the boat load now! Heres a few of my favourites from our snowy afternoon photo shoot.

IMG_2625 IMG_2219IMG_2710IMG_2459-V2

Stay tuned, more to come in the next few days!

Which shot is your favourite?

A quick post from the blizzard that has been blowing through Calgary:

A frozen Walk

I must say, I truly love photographing kids! Their emotion and reactions are to pure and real, happy is really happy, sad involves tears, and babies = great expressions pre and post puking 😉 This session was no exception, although we did manage to avoid tears. Here’s a few more of my favourites from the Elliott’s family christmas photo shoot 2009 edition:

IMG_6IMG_1241Stop for a quick clean up;

IMG_1242And were off!

IMG_1272Well not so much… out the nose, she’s spent!


Lastly, one of the coolest play rooms & a very proud 3 year old!


Thanks to the Elliott’s for sharing a few hours out of their day, you guys were awesome!

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