The big event, the day most of these players wait for each year. I’m not going to bore you with words, heres some of my favourite shots;


I had a great time shooting this event, I’d love to shoot more like this!

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Part two from the Christmas Classic formal. This year the event was in support of Kidsport, an incredible organization that seeks to break down financial barriers many youth face on their quest to get involved in sport. Kidsport provides funding and collects used equipment for kids in financial need. A donation box was left by the front door for everyone to make a donation as they arrived. I set up a photo booth beside the donation box, where I provided on site printing for anyone who made a donation. I haven’t heard what the final tally is but the box was overflowing! Heres a few more shots from the formal:

For many years now my brother and many of his friends have gathered at christmas time for an epic game of hockey. Rather than try to describe the event to you, I will use their words:

“The Christmas Classic is the annual event that allows all of our friends to gather from across the land and enjoy each others company for 2 wonderful days and three cherished events. The crown jewel of these events is The Christmas Classic, arguably the fiercest hockey game you will find contested in North America this year (Olympics INCLUDED). The game has grown from its humble beginnings and 4 team tournament format to become a clash between reigning two-time defending champions Team Lanny and the iconic institution that is Team Paladeau. Sweat is poured, blood is shed, tears are leaked, and in the end 13 guys get to hold the Lambert Cup and boast as champs for 365 days.”

Here’s a few from the formal:

More images from the formal will be up in the next few days. Stay tuned, within the week I will have some images up from the EPIC Christmas Classic Hockey game too!

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