Garth Brooks day!!! We started the day off by taking a very slow bus ride to the Wynn hotel to pick up our tickets.

A quick lunch with a friendly pigeon…

Then back to the MGM to have another gander at the lions.

We got to hold one of the little guys! Shame they didn’t get us in focus, on the other hand I am best viewed out of focus…

Off to see Garth Brooks perform!

Photography was strictly prohibited and strongly enforced, so the following images you did not see…

These were shot 100% blind, from my lap and behind a rather tall guy. The show was amazing, as Garth put it when he walked out on stage in ragged jeans, a hooded sweatshirt ball cap and work boots, ‘welcome to my living room’. He followed that with ‘now I’m sure more than half of the guys here just turned to their wife or girlfriend and asked why the hell they had to dress up’. Priceless!¬†Trisha Yearwood (his wife) even made a surprise visit on stage for a few songs.

Towards the end of the show, Garth was talking about a concert he performed in Dublin, which he felt was his most life changing. A guy shouted from the crowd ‘we came from Ireland to here you play!”. I was a little surprised to see how moved Garth was by this statement, it was as if a wave of emotion flooded him, and robbed the words from his lips. After a brief pause Garth asked if he could answer any questions, or play a favourite song, the gentlemen from the crowed quickly replied ‘duet’. An even longer pause from Garth, then he walked over to the stand which held the mic Trisha used, pulled it out and pointed it towards the Irishmen ‘don’t choke now’. The theatre erupted with applause, and a standing ovation! Danny Peacock and Garth Brooks belted out the most fitting song for the occasion, Shameless.

Now I did my absolute best to grab a shot of the actually very talented Mr. Peacock, but their were just too many heads to dodge and security was in top form. Sorry Danny I tried!

After the show we stopped off to see the water show one more time, regardless of the 40mile winds!

What an incredible day!!! We started off with brunch at Mon Ami Gabi, one of the best brunches I have ever had! It is simply a must go if you find yourself in Las Vegas.

The quest for the red flats…


After a quick bite to eat we checked out the dolphin and tiger enclosures.

Gourmet dinner at Circo, amazing service and food to match! I’ve been told I clean up not to bad… Nothing compared to my wife though!

Finishing the night off we caught one of the Cirque du Soleil shows, O’. Truly an inspiring and incredible display of artistry and grace.

Day 3 in Vegas we started off by going the opposite direction on the strip. First stop, the shark reef.

A quick bridal shot….

And then off on the continued search for the ever so elusive red flat shoe hunt!

Loved this store design and layout, simple classic & elegant

Now to see the volcano

The hunt for the red shoes continues!

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