Hands down one of my favourite photography offerings is the photobooth. For those who are unsure what a photobooth is, its not the tiny phone booth size box you see in the mall. My photobooth is a full on portable studio, 9 1/2 foot wide backdrop with studio lighting. I also offer on-site printing for the instant gratification or memento of the event. The great thing about the photobooth, is you can be as serious or as goofy as you’d like and no matter what, the results are awesome!

Last night I had the pleasure of running a photobooth for the Sierra Centre for Dental Wellness team, and a HUGE number of very energetic kids! The Sierra Centre is a major supporter of the Battalion School Carnival, which raises money for the school. Heres a few of my favourite images from the evening, full video at the bottom of the post:

Sierra Centre for Dental Wellness Photobooth from Drew Gregory on Vimeo.

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