Back from NY, a quick stop off at home in Calgary for a nap and a few loads of laundry and off to the cabin. There really is nothing like recharging the creative batteries at Lake Windermere B.C. This area offers gorgeous views and fresh local crops to die for. Yesterday my youngest brother, his GF, my wife and I drove/ hiked over to a nearby pond for some late afternoon fishing. Heres some images from that and an earlier walk with our dog Justice:

This post is coming to you a little behind schedule… but here is the last instalment of our NY vacation as captured from my iPhone.

This post is brought to you today by lake life, man I love being out at the lake!

Watch for some lake pictures, they are bound to show up soon 😉


Hard to believe that this amazing vacation is almost over! Last time we came to NY we paid way too much to take a boat tour and see the statue of liberty. This time we took the FREE Staton Island ferry. After which we took a leisurely walk over to our favourite area SOHO and paid a visit to Baked by Melissa to indulge Natasha’s sweet tooth… Dinner was ‘the world best’ pizza, (props to those of you who caught the ELF inspiration 😉 ) Finished the night off with a bit of desert on the strip.

Just about filled a 32GB card today, going to have a FEW images to look through when wedding season slows down!

Till tomorrow,


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