Monday evening I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Cassie. The goal of the evening was to make some awesome portraits for her to use in her various social media endeavours, and website. We started off at the back of a little record shop on 14th st. where within 5 minutes we nearly got kicked off the property… Let’s just say someone was having a bad day and decided to take it out on us.

From there we wandered over a few block and made our way down an alley, where we witnessed a particularly stoned woman drop her joint in a puddle then try to keep smoking it.

Brittany this shot is completely inspired by you:

We continued on down the alley, smelling a few more people enjoying a ‘herbal cigarette’

This next shot required some sweet talking, to a gruff, unshaven, beer wielding man, who clearly thought I was off my rocker for wanting to use his rundown decrpeid shack in his back yard….

Moving along now, I stepped well outside of my off camera flash comfort zone into the twilight, natural light world. As an aside, I was once described as a cannon shooting lighting ninja, and to this day I would love to make that self portrait happen. So if you happen to have a cannon and a ninja costume collecting dust, I’d love to hear from you!

Under a bridge? Yes please!

Under a bridge with a Colt 45? Oh ya we did that too!

Hit me up in the comment section with your favourite image!


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