This weekend I was out in Drumheller for a tight and bright party. We rocked out a killer photobooth with on site printing, and set a new personal record for number of images taken. 3756 frames, I even jumped in a few times!


Sarah & Graydon braved some serious ‘off roading’ in Fish Creek Park, combine that with the small dog sized mosquitos and we’ve got the making for an entertaining engagement session. The start to the session went something like this; I slipped down a hill with a light stand in each hand, camera over one shoulder, lens bag over the other, landing on my camera killing the lens. *AWESOME after a quick recovery and a laugh a rustle came from the bushes….


… The rustle was just a squirrel…

Congrats on the engagement guys, looking forward to the wedding!

Let me just start out by saying Jon Montgomery and Eric Neilson are two of the most down to earth successful athletes, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with. For those of you who can’t put a finger on where you’ve heard Jon’s name before, he won the gold metal for skeleton in the 2010 olympics. Jon’s contribution to Kids Sport hits close to home for me. For those of you not familiar with the charity, it is an organization which enables underprivileged youth to participate in sport which they otherwise would not be able to afford. Growing up I was very fortunate that my parents could afford to send me to gymnastics, soccer, baseball and then into competitive cycling. Sport was a huge part of my childhood and I feel strongly that every child should have the opportunity to participate. So Jon thanks for being awesome and donating so much of your time to a great cause!

Heres a few images from Jon and training partner Eric:

I absolutely love this image above, it shows the true pain athletes push themselves through!


And now some really random advice from an olympian. I truly have no idea how this came up but Jon told us that if you’ve got a long drive and your getting tired, jam a pile of sunflower seeds into your mouth until you look like a chipmunk preparing for winter. Apparently munching on spits will keep you up for hours, he then told us if you want to take it one step further and be 100% awesome you grab a grocery bag and hook one handle on each ear, that way you don’t even have to take your hands off the wheel and you dont make a mess. Just be sure not to take the strange looks the other drivers give you too seriously!

Thanks again for your time guys!

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